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Yoga of the Heart

"I recently finished reading your book Yoga of the Heart. I could not put it down so I read it through and now I'm reading every word again so that I may begin to understand and apply the Yoga ethics. Actually I didn't find Yoga — it found me. I went to a store to buy a gift for someone; I was in the housewares section looking at baskets. I picked one up to look at it more closely and Yoga of the Heart fell out onto my feet! By the way, it wasn't even a store that usually sells books. I left the basket and bought the book." — M. P., Florida

"Alice Christensen’s book Yoga of the Heart has been an incredible inspiration and joy to use as a tool with my students. I had studied the Yamas and Niyamas in other versions, and the approach in this book was very easy to work with." — M. L., Hawaii

"I recently read Yoga of the Heart and found much in the book that has enhanced and deepened my own practice." — K.M., Ontario

"I recently had the pleasure of reading Alice Christensen’s book Yoga of the Heart. I am delighted that this book was provided to me at the time I found it. It fits into my various spiritual studies and I have been considering adding Yoga to my mental and physical fitness program. This is what is so exciting about the presentation by Alice: She takes a common sense approach to Yoga and how it must fit into life." — R.P., Oregon

"I recently found a copy of Yoga of the Heart in Melbourne bookshop and have been studying and practicing its principles with great enjoyment. It has been inspirational to me." — J.S., Australia

"I have just read Yoga of the Heart and it is the one book out of the many that I have read that instantly made an impact on me. I find myself accessing my spiritual self in more and more encounters each day and it has made an impact on my relationships and dealings in my day to day life. I have practiced vigorous asanas for quite some time with half-hearted attempts at meditation. I really want and need to bring all eight limbs of Yoga into my life or really, what am I doing? I cannot say enough about [Alice’s] book and look forward to reading more and integrating her knowledge into my daily life." — E.N., Minnesota

"This book is a text book for life." — A.M., Florida

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