Best Plus Size Yoga Pants – Reviews with Comparison

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When you are getting ready to take on the yoga challenge, you want to feel comfortable and be able to move. One thing that makes this possible is the perfect pair of yoga pants. When you are trying to find a pair of yoga pants that sits right at the hips and stays in place while you glide from pose to pose, you will find a wide variety to choose from. However, some of us come in plus sizes, and that can be a frustration for the curvy girls of the world.

So which plus size yoga pants are the best? In this review we get down to answering this for you. We have sifted through the choices and landed on the list below as the best plus size yoga pants of 2019.

Comparison Chart

DOVPOD Printed Yoga Pants High Waist Fitness Plus Size Workout Leggings

Core 10 Women’s Spectrum High Waist Yoga 7/8 Crop Legging

Stretch is Comfort Women’s Foldover Cotton Plus Size Yoga Pants

Plus Size Capri Leggings Sale

Danskin Women’s Sleek Fit Yoga Pant

Plus Size Yoga Pants Reviews

DOVPOD High Waisted Yoga Pants

DOVPOD brings us our first entry. These high-waisted yoga pants are perfect for any girl with curves, thanks to the design team’s attention to detail in the areas that matter.


These pants are comfortable and easy to wear because of the attention to detail used in the construction and design of these yoga pants. By including the following features, you get a great fitting and comfortable exercise garment that:

  • Is constructed of high-quality synthetic blend
  • Has improved airflow for better breathability
  • Is made from fabric that has moisture-wicking abilities
  • Has UV protection
  • Has enhanced mobility with a high stretch and thicker material that offers compression as well
  • Uses reinforced stitching
  • Has a built-in waistband pocket

For these yoga pants, it is all about the fabric. With a high-quality fabric made of synthetic blends, your yoga experience is going to be a more comfortable one. The design has reinforced seams and a waistband designed to help keep your pants where they belong around your waist. With the fact that the density of the fabric almost negates any panty, you have a truly great option.

There are, of course, a few issues that we should mention before you make your final decision. These yoga pants tend to run a bit small in part due to the compression capability, but if that is an issue, you can simply go up one size, and that should cure the tightness. There have also been some reports of baggy crotch once they have been worn a bit. The only other problem is a lack of print choice and the fading of the colors you must choose from.


  • check
    Less rolling of material
  • Decreased panty line
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Moderate compression ability
  • Nice quality seams
  • Nice feel


  • Runs small
  • A limited selection of prints
  • Some issues with a baggy crotch
  • Problems with fading

Core 10 High Waisted Yoga Legging

This company’s mission is to empower women to reach their highest potential. They do this by creating products like these high waisted leggings that allow the plus-size women of the world to feel comfortable in whatever activity they choose.


Strict attention was paid to the design of these yoga pants from Core 10. By including high-quality materials sewn together with precision, Core 10 has made a pair of yoga leggings with all the features you need. These features include:

  • Nice durable blend of synthetics
  • Designed with a high waist for better tummy control
  • Lightweight interlock fabric that stays in place
  • Built-in large waistband pocket

The last thing you want is to keep pulling your pants up in between poses. These yoga pants turn that into a worry of the past. With an overall design that fits nicely and is comfortable to wear while you sweat your day away, the team at Core 10 has undoubtedly lived up to the mission statement. The maintenance is easy, and the fact that they have minimal pilling is a plus for sure. Then when you add in the vibrant and fun color selection, you easily get one of the finest options on the market today for plus-size yoga pants.

It must be added that with all that goodness comes, what some feel, is a bit of a steep price tag. You do indeed get a lot, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. Many feel that the pants run a bit small and that the overall feel is a tiny bit rough on the skin. The fabric doesn’t allow for significant compression, which is something many people look for, and they can be a bit hot to wear. Even with these issues, though, this high waisted yoga legging is still a great choice.


  • check
    Stays in place
  • Nice vibrant color selection
  • Fits nice
  • Moisture-wicking is excellent
  • No pilling
  • Good support and stretch


  • Runs small
  • Price
  • Lack of compression
  • Feel rough
  • Holds heat

Stretch is Comfort Foldover Yoga Pant

This entry from Stretch is Comfort is a nicely accented pair of foldover yoga pants that focuses on the quality of every detail.


These fantastic yoga pants add a little style to your yoga session. With a unique design, they look good and are incredibly high quality. This high quality and comfort come from the inclusion of the following features:

  • Crafted with high grade synthetic blended material
  • Increased flexibility with a 4-way stretch
  • Thick density material for less skin visibility
  • Constructed with lock stitches for durability
  • Wide variety of color choices

Everything that makes a good pair of yoga pants is all squeezed into this fun design. The fit is spectacular, and with the fabric used to construct it, you get a nice feel that makes it comfortable to wear as you stretch and pose your way to health.

However, if you are on the shorter side, you may find the length a little annoying. These pants tend to run a bit longer and have a bit of a low rise. This might not be comfortable for some body shapes. The seam at the thighs is also an issue that many bring up. Some feel that they are not reinforced enough and begin to pull too quickly. The bottom line overall is that these are a great set of yoga pants that feel good and look great.


  • check
    Pullover waist
  • No pilling
  • Soft feel
  • Nice fit
  • Cool color selection w/contrast foldover


  • Runs long
  • Issues with seam durability
  • Issues with rise

Lola Getts Leggings

This company is specifically geared toward the curvy woman. The entire design of these leggings is constructed to fit your body and feel comfortable as you get your sweat on.


Lola Getts focuses on the ever-growing market of plus-size women and does so with an attention to detail that makes for one heck of a pair of yoga leggings. To create such great leggings, the design team included these features:

  • Manufactured with the best synthetic blend materials
  • Designed on fit models for the perfect fit
  • Soft hand to the fabric
  • Excellent mobility with a 4-way stretch
  • Seams placed for reinforced support
  • Flatlock stitching used for less skin irritation

When you focus on the customer you want, you to tend to put a little more specific detail in that product. This is what Lola Getts does with their plus-size athletic wear. By using fit models, they ensure that every size fits the way it should, and is supported in the places it needs to be. With this attention, they crafted these yoga pants in an awesome fabric and side techniques to ensure durability.

Even with the care they took to design the perfect fit, everybody is different, and there have been some customers that feel that the sizing runs a little large and that the knees seem to be a bit large. This is in no way every customer’s issue, which means that if you are looking for the perfect plus size yoga pants, you may just be looking at them.


  • check
    Nice fit
  • Doesn’t move when exercising
  • Great color selection
  • Thick fabric
  • Good compression


  • Attracts pet hair
  • Runs large
  • Knees are too full fitted

Danskin Yoga Pants

Our last entry is from Danskin and is an excellent fitting, super comfortable pair of yoga pants that are perfect for any curvy girl looking to add a little yoga to her life.


These simple yet comfortable yoga pants from Danskin are a great addition to your workout gear. The pants are comfortable and designed to fit your body well. To get to this level of quality, the team at Danskin included the following features:

  • Crafted in high-quality synthetic blend materials
  • Wide waistband for better stomach control
  • Extended leg length

This yoga pant is a no-frills classic. Although these yoga pants lack some of the feature of those mentioned above, what it does have is an excellent fit and durability which you may well need if you are planning to hit that yoga hard.

They do tend to run small, so you may want to go up a size. The material also loses a bit of its shine when you wash it but other than that these yoga pants are straightforward and easily one of the best options out there today.


  • check
  • Fit is perfect
  • No shrinking
  • No pilling
  • Durable


  • Issues losing shine in the wash
  • Runs small


With this list, we have curated an option for everyone. So, no matter what you are looking for, you will find something in the entries above. Hopefully, by giving you some great options, you feel ready to bend and breathe along with the rest of the yoga class. All you need now is to pick up that mat and towel and to find that inner calm.

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