How to Hem Yoga Pants

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Typically, yoga pants don't require any alterations, as they are already comfortable and give you a perfect look. However, you can hem your yoga pants to customize their length or to convert them into Capri length.

Since yoga pants are stretchy, you need a stretch machine stitch for hemming purposes. This is so, as the hand-sewn or straight stitch can break while the fabric tries to stretch. Therefore, the best way how to hem yoga pants is to use a machine offering a stretch stitch.

What to Consider 

When hemming your yoga pants, make sure to use a ballpoint needle. This is essential because when you start to sew a stretch fabric with an ordinary needle, it may end up showing tears and snags. Find a friend to pin the pants to a required length for you. This will ensure a perfect and even hem. Pins in, after cuffing up, try them on to get an idea about the actual size.

Steps to Follow 

Below are the steps for hemming your yoga pants.

  1. To remove the hemstitches, use a seam ripper. Make sure not to rip the fabric.
  2. Use a measuring tape to finalize the length of the new hem from the floor.
  3. Furthermore, mark the new hem length by using a straight pin.
  4. Now cut the fabric from the bottom. Keep it 3 to 4-inch below the mark of the new hem.
  5. Stitch along the edge of the cut fabric using a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying and support the material.

Detailed Hemming Procedure 

In most of the cases, you are going to be wearing your yoga pants with workout trainers or sneakers. Hence, it is essential to hem your pants for the perfect length. To start with, make a cuff to analyze the size or length of the pants.

You may like the idea of wearing yoga pants with falling hem. If the excess length is 1 to 2 inches long, try to use a seam ripper which will help you to take out on the required amount of the stitching. If the length is more than you need, you can hem it by cuffing the additional cloth and stitching it. However, too much additional cloth can cause bunching, and you may want to cut and sew the hemline from the cut edge

Ideally, the hem fold must hit the floor from the back of your heel. This is the most preferred style of wearing yoga pants. You can use a template to judge how far you can go with the hemming process. Write down the measurement and verify it before cutting the additional cloth.

After this, heat the iron to a reasonable temperature that is sufficient to generate steam. Be careful, as too much heat can burn your cloth. Fold the template in half and insert it into the cuff. This would serve as a guide to press the new fold.

Once the pressing is over, check for any fault lines or other issues. Now mark the length of the pants onto the edge with chalk. Remove the template and open the cuff. Keep the marked side outside for stitching purposes.

Try to keep the legs of your pants flat and properly aligned. Pin the bottom edges to avoid shifting. Use a clear-cutting ruler on one of the legs and position the spot below the chalk mark. Make sure not to mix up your cutting edges at this stage.

For better cutting, use a rotary cutter. It will allow you to cut through both layers simultaneously. Turn the pants inside out and start to fuse the seam along the edge. After applying heat all around, remove the support of paper backing.

Next, it's time to fold the taped edge towards the wrong side. Don't forget to arrange the hem in a way that it reaches perfectly at the fold. Keep the pins close to the marking on both sides. To make them smooth, finger press the raw edge.

Now, turn your yoga pants right side out and try out. If you think that it requires some adjustments, clear the hem with a steam iron. After that, reposition the hem and press it again. Repeat this process until you get the desired hem.

After finalizing the hem, it's time to stitch. The best option here is to use a specific machine for hemming yoga pants. If you don't have one, you can adjust a regular sewing machine and get your work done. You need to use the proper needle and change the settings a bit.

Start stitching the inseam by folding 1.25" from the edge. Steer the cloth with your fingers but avoid extreme pulling. If it appears that the fabric is stuck, slightly loosen the tension. Repeat this procedure on the other leg as well.

Final Words

Hemming the yoga pants is no big deal if you follow the proper instructions. It hardly takes an hour or so to hem the pants and go on for your yoga class. If the stitching turns out to be a little wavy, a quick steamy press will help make it factory flat.

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