How to Keep Leggings from Rolling Down 

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If you want to know the best way to keep legging from rolling down, you have landed on the right page. The rolling down of your pants is a hassle and happens all the time. Most  experience this issue when they work out or when going out on a light jog.

In fact, it appears to be quite annoying, as you need to pull your pants every now and then. Furthermore, this particular issue can mess up your overall workout experience.

To relieve you from this hassle, here are some of the best ways how to keep leggings from rolling down.

Why Leggings Roll Down

Before showing you a few simple hacks, let’s take a look at why your leggings fall down in the first place. Below are some reasons that serve as the leading cause of the falling down of your leggings.

  1. Wearing leggings for an extended period loosen their elastic strength. Hence, when the leggings are completely stretched out, they result in a loose fit.
  2. People with larger thighs can’t wear leggings based on their waist size. This is the reason they opt for an upsize. This causes the leggings to roll down due to a loose fit.
  3. You need to follow the washing instructions while cleaning your leggings. If you ignore the instructions, you may damage the elastic strength of the leggings. This results in them rolling down  in most cases.

Besides these significant reasons, there are some other aspects, which keep your leggings rolling down continuously. For instance, if your body isn’t correctly shaped, the small to medium leggings will normally fall down after wearing them for a couple of times.

To cope with this issue, try wearing high-waisted leggings. This will provide additional support, which will help to reduce the instances of sliding down leggings.

Simple Hacks to Keep Your Leggings from Rolling Down

It is quite astonishing to find that most of the people are not aware of the simple hacks to stop their pants from sliding down. However, it happens so often that people get used to this kind of situation.

The most feasible and straightforward way to keep your tights at the place where they belong is to wear panties. Along with the panties, put on your tights and finish with a second pair of panties. This method will solve your issue to a great extent.

However, make sure to wear a panty with a robust elastic hold. Wearing high-waisted panties is even better to hold the leggings at their place. Besides, providing additional support, you will also feel comfortable while wearing a combination of tights and panties.

Handy Tips

Below are the top tips, which will help you to keep your leggings at the desired place and enjoy your work out without any distraction.

Wear a Belt

Most people aren’t comfortable wearing a belt with their leggings, and there is a reason for this. Belts don’t look good with leggings, and people feel embarrassed to try this combo. However, if this strategy works for you, wearing a belt is undoubtedly the best possible option.


You may not have heard of it, but some leggings do come with drawstrings. By merely tying your leggings, you can offer required support to them. If you don’t mind using hooks, this is the best option for you.

Alter the Size

When your leggings or pants keep rolling down, it may be due to the improper or wrong size of the leggings. To counter this issue, try to wear leggings with a small size. If you feel a pleasant change, the problem is solved.

As we mentioned above, you can also try high-waisted leggings and yoga pants. It will offer more strength and support at the waist, which will reduce the chances of your leggings falling down. Hence, make sure to keep your pants tight above the waist.

Try Brushed Fabrics

The fabric of your leggings also plays a crucial role while preventing its rolling down. A few leggings are made up of soft and smooth material, while various other leggings are consisting of brushed fabrics. Typically brushed fabrics offer more friction and reduce the chances of slipping down the skin.

Also, you can choose compression fabrics. These fabrics are the best choice if you want to keep leggings from rolling down. The construction of compression fabrics is durable, giving it maximum durability.

These fabrics can withstand consistent stretching and offer a better grip with your skin. They are slightly expensive, but if they serve the purpose well, no one minds their cost.

Final Words 

To eradicate the problem of leggings rolling down, you need to determine whether you are wearing the right size. This is the primary reason behind pants and legging rolling down.

In addition, you must always stick to the washing instructions. This will help to keep your leggings tight for a more extended period, minimizing the hassle of leggings that tend to roll down.

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