What to Wear Under Yoga Pants?

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Most of us believe that getting ready for a yoga class requires only a few minutes, as what you need is a pair of pants and a shirt. However, this isn’t the case for most of yogis. In fact, choosing a perfect yoga look can take more time than you think.

This is so, as yoga pants aren’t only about style and feel, yet the primary purpose of this outfit is to keep you comfortable and enjoy your yoga without any distractions. When you think about yoga, it gives you the idea of putting your body in different positions.

So what does particular underwear have to do with your yoga? In fact, it matters a lot, as flexible and comfortable underwear enhances your yoga performance.

Here, we will discuss what to wear under yoga pants.

Material is Important

While shopping for underwear, make sure to consider the material or fabric of any given product. If you sweat a lot, the best possible option is to choose a fabric that quickly absorbs moisture. Hence, moisture-wicking fabrics are the ideal option for most of the yogis.

The main goal of wearing underwear is to reduce the chances of infection in the vaginal area. Underwear made of polyester or nylon offers required flexibility during extended workouts. This type of fabric material also absorbs sweat, lowering the chances of irritation or infection.

However, if you don’t sweat a lot, cotton underwear would be the most viable option. Cotton is known for its comfort and breathability and good absorption. Besides, underwear made of cotton is lightweight and soft, which avoids the itching problem.

What Type of Underwear is Best for Yogis?

When it comes to wearing underwear under yoga pants, you must be careful while making a choice. This is so, as the wrong underwear may cause issues in the vaginal area. When the underwear hits the perineum, it can transmit harmful bacteria from the rectum to the vagina, which may cause a urinary tract infection.

This may happen when you work out extensively. When more sweating is involved, it enhances the chances of infection and itching. In addition, things may also go wrong if the underwear causes bruises due to continuous rubbing with the delicate skin.

For those who don’t stand panty lines, it is essential to revise the idea of wearing a thong under your yoga pants. You should consider the design, rigidity, and flexibility of underwear as the underwear with a tight fit leaves no space for the skin to relax and contract.

As a result, you may experience irritation or even infection in those areas covered by the underwear. However, this doesn’t suggest that you should avoid wearing thongs. In fact, you can wear them but make sure to choose the right size and material for a comfortable experience.

Moreover, you need to be moderate when wearing a particular type of underwear. The best practice in this regard is to keep shuffling the underwear depending on their design, fabric, and absorption.

Types of Underwear

For yoga enthusiasts, preparing for a yoga class is the first essential step towards their healthy regime approach. They not only care for their mental relaxation but also take care of other crucial aspects of their bodies.

To continue their workout during any sort of weather, yogis need specific underwear to reduce the sweat and avoid infection. Below are some of the most recommended types of underwear that you may also consider for a perfect yoga experience.

Yoga Shorts

No matter whether you are wearing tight leggings or loose pants, the easiest to wear and comfortable underwear is the boy shorts. In fact, this type is popular as the most yoga-friendly undergarment that you can wear.

Seamless Thongs

Thongs aren’t as popular as other undergarments, yet they serve the purpose well for most yogis. Thongs offer minimum seams, making them undetectable even under thin pants or leggings. However, this type of design can make you uncomfortable during long yoga sessions.

To get the perfect combo of form and function, try out the seamless and microfiber style, such as the Commando Thong. Even though this type of underwear is comfortable, make sure to go for a large size when buying one. This will ensure more flexibility and reduce the chances of infection. Hence, investing in the right underwear pays off in the end.

Hipster Cut Underwear

This is one of the most recommended styles to wear under yoga pants. The hipster cut offers complete coverage and maximum flexibility. Nevertheless, some of the hipster underwear slightly differs in their construction.

Therefore, make sure to check the fabric, size, and material of the hipster-cut before buying one. Besides, opt for the hipster cut underwear that is more durable, breathable, and offers antimicrobial properties.

Final Words

Now that you know what to wear under your yoga pants, it should be easier to make your purchasing decision. Buying suitable underwear for yoga pants offers the highest level of comfort, durability, and keeps your delicate body parts free from infection.

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