What to Wear With Yoga Pants?

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If you think that yoga pants or leggings are only for yoga, you are mistaken. Within the past few years, the demand for these pants has skyrocketed. The reason for this popularity surge is the versatility that yoga pants have to offer. They go with almost everything and can still be a fashion statement.

Studies revealed that the sales of these pants surged almost 45% in the year 2015. This is true that supermodels have influenced this trend. Besides comfort, yoga pants are fit for every occasion, and you can wear different kind of tops with these.

The best part though is affordability, as you can buy a couple of yoga pants anytime without draining out your budget.

Here are different options which you can try when trying to work out what to wear with yoga pants.

Yoga Pant and Casual Top

The most interesting fact about yoga pants is their ability to provide comfort and styling, both at the same time. Hence, you can wear them on almost every occasion without compromising the style or trend.

This is so, as yoga pants go so well in almost every combination. When chilling out with your friends, your aim is to look causal but stylish as well. Your yoga pants can offer both these features without costing you much.

Below are some of the most viable option:

  • Wear a cropped T-shirt with an extended sleeve sweater
  • An over-sized shirt on the top
  • A baggy sweater
  • A loose hoodie

To give a fabulous look to your outfit, don’t forget to wear a pair of white sneakers. It will complement your dressing. Besides, you can also try Ugg boots or trendy slides for this purpose.

Wearing Yoga Pants at Your Workplace

Yes! There is nothing to be amazed when it comes to wearing yoga pants at your workplace — you can wear them without any hesitation. Apart from the added benefit of comfort throughout the day, yoga pants are hardly noticeable if you have correctly styled yourself.

Make sure to create the perfect look by choosing black or grey yoga pants. This will make them less prominent. While teaming up your yoga pants, here are a few ideal combinations.

  • A white blouse with long-sleeve, which reaches down to your buttocks along with a black blazer
  • A denim chambray or navy blue shirt
  • Try a long duster coat and bodysuit as a perfect top over yoga pants
  • You can also go for an above-the-knee and short dress that is belted at the waist

No doubt, most of these outfits look amazingly perfect with nude heels or a pair of black ankle booties.

Brunch With Yoga Pants

To be honest, this is the area where yoga pants gained their fame as everyday wearable. Yoga pants and brunch go hand in hand pretty well.

It may have become a routine that you go out for breakfast or brunch after an early yoga class while wearing your yoga pants. This style code relieves you from the stress of changing clothes after a relaxing yoga class.

Besides, this outfit is also a viable option for food shopping, appointments around town, and daily errands. It offers you a simple yet stylish look of a yoga enthusiast. Try any of these options for a fantastic outfit.

  • Opt for a simple slogan T-shirt with high-waist yoga pants
  • You may also try an oversized camo jacket
  • Go for a plain black T-shirt and a denim jacket (an oversized)
  • Workout top or tight-fitting T-shirt with a leather jacket
  • A floral blouse (mid-length )and relaxing cardigan
  • An oversized jumper or undershirt combination
  • Wear an oversized and straightforward polo-neck that covers your buttocks

With most of these options, you can wear a pair of workout trainers, sneakers, slides or ankle booties.

Enjoy your Night Out with Yoga Pants

In fact, the options that go with yoga pants are numerous, and wearing them for a crazy night out is one of them. If it looks good and trendy, there is nothing that precludes you from wearing yoga pants. This rule also applies when chilling out with your friends.

  • Try a cap-sleeve top that covers your buttocks
  • A simple black T-shirt and complement it with a long duster coat
  • Wear high-waist yoga pants with leather jacket and bodysuit
  • A mini or short dress belted at the waist and complimented with a suede or leather statement jacket

Final Words

Your looks and dressing don’t require sticking to the formal styling. On the contrary, dressing is all about looking good and if yoga pants offer a refreshing touch to your styling, just go for it. Besides, you can add more flair to your outfit by wearing boots, heels, or ankle booties.

Although yoga pants ensure the highest level of versatility and comfort, you need to be careful when wearing them at formal places. In these cases, use long shirts or tops that go down to your thighs. This will keep your buttocks covered and give you a comfortable feel.

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